T & C

Discounts / Savings available by each participating business cannot be combined with any other offer. Some establishments may require advance reservations or bookings. It is the responsibility of the holder of Citycard or mobile phone application to contact the participating business directly requesting availability and confirm the rate of discount. Holders of Citycard or mobile phone application will be required to produce their Citycard or Citycard mobile phone application in person to the business prior to making their purchases or payment.

Participating Members agree to provide a discount / savings to all Citycard holders or Citycard mobile phone application.

By becoming a member of www.citycard.co.uk, you accept the www.citycard.co.uk Terms and Conditions. By becoming a member of www.citycard.co.uk, you agree that neither www.citycard.co.uk nor its associates are liable for any damages direct or indirect that may arise from joining www.citycard.co.uk.

Entry on www.citycard.co.uk website will be included free of any charge.

By requesting to be a participating member does not give the right to have the entry to our website included automatically. www.citycard.co.uk will make their own checks that businesses who wish to join are genuine and established and meet our criteria. However, businesses are under a duty to give accurate information in order to be included and if there are any changes the business concerned has the responsibility and agrees to inform www.citycard.co.uk so that the website can be updated.

We reserve the right to exclude anyone from becoming a member.

If a complaint is received from any Citycard holder in any form that the participating member has failed to honour the discount / savings which is specified, then www.citycard.co.uk will investigate the matter and if necessary we reserve the right to have the details of the member concerned removed from the website without any notice. However, each participating member will give www.citycard.co.uk a contact name when listing the business, which will appear on the www.citycard.co.uk website, so that any problems can be addressed on the premises in the first instance. If that fails, only then will www.citycard.co.uk investigate the matter and decide on the decision to be taken. Our decision will be final.

www.citycard.co.uk reserves the right to make any changes to the www.citycard.co.uk website whenever necessary and without notice in order to improve the services to holders of Citycard or Citycard mobile phone application.


www.citycard.co.uk reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will take effect when posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read the terms and conditions on each occasion you use this website and your continued use of the website shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions


www.citycard.co.uk does not guarantee the accuracy of any event or endorse any of the goods or services advertised on our site. Nor will be responsible for the completeness of any information on our website. www.citycard.co.uk reserves the right to edit, withhold, amend or otherwise alter the images and/or text on the website which www.citycard.co.uk deems defamatory, offensive, obscene, rude or otherwise inappropriate. www.citycard.co.uk will under no circumstances be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone’s reliance on the information or other content expressed to Citycard holders.

cancellation policy

Once the participating member agrees to join www.citycard.co.uk, the discount / savings they offer can be cancelled within 48 hours, by emailing to citycard that they want the restaurant deleted from the www.citycard.co.uk website.