Indian, Vegetarian

Hansa’s Gujarati Vegetarian Restaurant
Address: 72-74 North St, Leeds
Leeds LS2 7PN
Offer: 2 For 1 meals
Offer available : Valid Sun to Thurs
About: The state of Gujarat, an area about the same size as England, is on the western coast of India. As with the rest of India, it is predominantly a Hindu state. Hindus are forbidden to kill any living creature, especially for food, so vegetarianism has been a way of life from time immemorial. Over thousands of years vegetarian cookery has been developed into a delicate and precise art. This menu represents a very small selection of a vast and rich culinary heritage. Our menu consists of Starters (Sharuaat), our own specialities, a section on vegetable curries (Lilotri) and Beans or Pulse curries (Kathor) and of course the sweets (Mistaan).
Telephone: 01132444408