Wild Olive Tree Cafe, Glasgow

Wild Olive Tree Cafe, Glasgow
Wild Olive Tree Cafe, Glasgow
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About Us:

At The Wild Olive Tree we want to make a difference and so we have partnered with Glasgow City Mission and Bethany Christian Trust to create training placements to help people who want to develop skills as a way into work. We also have a ‘gifted soup/coffee’ scheme – you can purchase an extra coffee or bowl of soup which we will then offer for free to people who are unable to pay for them. And to say thanks, we have a little loyalty scheme with this initiative – for every five soups or coffees you gift we’ll give you a free one back! At the end of every six months, we’ll convert any unredeemed soups and coffees into our emergency fund, which we use to help those who are in need.

Address: 163 Buchanan Street, , Glasgow
City: Glasgow
G1 2JX
Telephone: 01412 482 049