Teppanyaki Chinatown

Teppanyaki Chinatown
Teppanyaki Chinatown
Offer: 2 For 1 meals
Offer available : Valid Sun to Thurs
About Us:

Our focus is to serve outstanding Japanese cuisine and to share with you our authentic teppanyaki cooking culture. What is authentic teppanyaki? Teppanyaki means “grilling on an iron plate” and that is exactly what you’ll experience. No gimmicks. No tricks. Just high-quality, delicious food. You will be seated at a large table surrounding an iron plate cooking surface where the chef will prepare your meals using fresh ingredients such as meat, seafood, and vegetables, right before your eyes. This also provides an opportunity for personal interaction with the chef, including a quick talk on how you would like your meal to be cooked. Our extensive menu offers a vast range of options to suit even the most discerning of tastes. From main teppanyaki dishes to cold appetisers such as sushi, you’ll truly be spoilt for choice. We also offer a wide selection of fine wines and beers to accompany your meal. Or be adventurous and try some traditional sake for a complete authentic Japanese dining experience.

Address: 58-60 George Street, Manchester
City: Manchester
M1 4HF
Telephone: 0161 228 2219