Saranda Bar & Grill, Harrogate

Saranda Bar & Grill, Harrogate
Saranda Bar & Grill, Harrogate
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About Us:

If your favourite mediterranean country is Greece, and you have enjoyed the tastes and aromas of Greek cuisine, you may already be more familiar with Albanian food than you realise. Albanian food has roots heavily influenced by the past. With parts of Greece only 20 miles from the coast of Albania it is understandable that there will be a certain amount of similarity in culinary styles. Here at Saranda we are passionate about providing you with delicious food and fine wines, all in a relaxing atmosphere. We understand the need to provide our customers with excellent service, and our team is committed ?to ensure you have an enjoyable ?time here with us. Saranda is the perfect place for romantic nights, casual dining, birthday parties, graduations ?or any other special occasion. ?We look forward to welcoming you.

Address: 7 Station Bridge, , Harrogate
City: Leeds
Telephone: 01423566645