Opa – Bristol

Opa – Bristol
Opa – Bristol
Offer: 2 For 1 meals
Offer available : Valid Sun to Thurs
About Us:

OPA restaurant is a place where memories are created. Memories of family meals and festive gatherings. Memories of laughter, joy, love and enduring moments. Memories of tastes and flavours made by the best cooks in the world/our mothers! You see, for us Greeks, food is not just a plate on the table. lt is about people coming together to cherish special times, share thoughts and feelings, and create new memories. So, we take our mothersÂ’ recipes from all over Greece, we choose the best fresh, local and Greek ingredients and take our time in cooking, in order for you to enjoy a unique experience. We infuse our food with love, laughter and dedication and we present it to you in the same way we greet our loved ones in our own homes.

Address: 14-16 Baldwin St, Bristol
City: Bristol
Telephone: 0117 329 3303