No. 1 Pizza

No. 1 Pizza
No. 1 Pizza
Offer: up to 25% off the total bill
Offer available : Valid Sun to Thurs
About Us:

Fasted growing pizza company  operating 9 branches and more to come ‘ Our main objective  is fast food pizza selection , Our pizzas are freshly made to order .All our pizzas use a cheese suitable for vegtarians unless specified we will prepare a deep pan pizzas. We look after customer demand as we add all the time  something new brand like recently we add in 2009; Pizza Meatballs & Widow maker Try our new Meat Ball or Widdow Maker and left some suggestion about new brand to add in our menu , and we  look for customers demand and add onto our menu .

Address: 31 Watford Road, , Birmingham
City: Birmingham
B30 1JB
Telephone: 01214 511 000