Momo House

Momo House
Momo House
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About Us:

Bringing to England the pure, dazzling flavours of Indian food, Momo House is often acknowledged as one of the greatest restaurants in all Wembley. They have highly trained chefs create culinary masterpieces from all regions of India. Exotic herbs and spices flown in from the far East are used to create the fresh flavours of genuine Indian cooking. There?s an attentive staff that are ready to give you a warm welcome to their restaurant. They?re also happy to discuss the menu with you and to alter the strength of any dish, to accommodate those of you with a palette that requires more or less spicier foods.

Address: 2 Glenmore Parade, 7C Ealing Rd, Wembley
City: London
Telephone: 020 8902 2307