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About Us:

Moksha is the brainchild of Arjun Singh Rawat and Rajeev Danga, who have years of experience in running top class Indian restaurants, both in India and the UK. The culinary team at Moksha presents a menu of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine that showcases the centuries of India?s culinary history while exploring the future of this classic cuisine. The core of their menu is traditional cuisine from the vast culinary regions of India that features the most celebrated elements of Indian cooking techniques Moksha offers the vast and vibrant cuisine of India by removing the mystery and retaining all the magic. Taking pride in the food heritage of India, Moksha brings a fresh approach to cooking and serving Indian food with the belief that both cuisine and culture are evolutionary. The restaurant offers deliciously decadent Indian dishes with all the traditional flavours intact.

Address: 216 Kingston Road, , New Malden
City: London
Telephone: 020 8949 2211