La Rambla, Paisley

La Rambla, Paisley
La Rambla, Paisley
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About Us:

The word Tapas comes from Spain which means an appetizer or snack, but with time, tapas have evolved into an entire sophisticated cuisine. People nowadays order different tapas and combine them to make a full meal. In a common man ’s language tapas are actually small portions of food which gives people an option to try different things. Tapas are very good for sharing, specially at times of big tables and family get together. Tapas is equally ideal as a quick lunch or lingering dinner, where you can almost think of it as ever evolving buffet brought to you on your table. At la Rambla we offer our customers an international experience by giving them an option to try food from different cuisines like Spanish, Mexican, Italian and Indian. Staying true to Spanish tradition we maximize the benefits by freshly preparing most of our dishes and immediately sending them out to the table as and when they are made. Think of your meal as a tantalizing succession of tastes and textures stretching out for as long as you desire rather than starter, main and dessert.

Address: 9-11 Renfrew Road, , Paisley
City: Glasgow
Telephone: 01418 490 008