Krishna’s Inn – Kerala Cuisine, Bristol

Krishna’s Inn – Kerala Cuisine, Bristol
Krishna’s Inn – Kerala Cuisine, Bristol
Offer: 2 For 1 meals
Offer available : Valid Sun to Thurs
About Us:

A simple natural Blend of Herbs, spices, lentils and pulses that excite the senses through its colours, flavours, texture and taste. Kerala is a tiny province in southern India (spice capital of India) a haven of serene beaches,tranquil backwaters, exotic wildlife and lush green mountains. The cuisine is a reflection of its bio-diversity, climate, history, geography and demography. Specialities range from the traditional Vegetarian Sadhya to the Maphla cuisine from Malabar and the Syrian Christian varieties all made from locally grown ingredients such as coconut,rice, tapioca and spices such as black pepper, cardamom, ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Keralan dishes characterise both simplicity and complexity being made from one or two ingredients thereby extruding the inherent natural values as well as being made from complex preparations of spices, herbs, pulses and oils being ground, mashed, blended, heated and stored before being cooked to amplify its flavour, taste, durability and therapeutic values. Recipes include coconut, rice, tapioca and spices such as black pepper, cardamom, fennel,nutmeg, cloves and cinnamon apart from a variety of vegetables, corriander, garlic, ginger and onions.

Address: 4 Byron Place, Bristol
City: Bristol
Telephone: 01179 276 864