Firebird, Glasgow

Firebird, Glasgow
Firebird, Glasgow
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About Us:

Firebird was opened in October 1998 with the vision to create an affordable, quality eating and drinking experience with a European feel. A place where families, friends and locals can come for a coffee, a light lunch, dinner or a quiet drink in a relaxed airy and comfortable environment . Our renowned artisan pizza is made using organic flour, sourdough starter, water and salt, the dough is then left to for rise 36 hours giving it a unique and delicious taste. Topped with our own tomato sauce using crushed San Marzano tomatoes, topped with the best Fior di latte mozzarella and finished with our own estate Sicilian olive oil. Our pizzas are hand made to order and cooked in the fierce heat (400c+) of our unique wood fired oven, resulting in a delicious tasting pizza!

Address: 1321 Argyle Street, , Glasgow
City: Glasgow
G3 8TL
Telephone: 01413 340 594