Apadana, Huddersfield

Apadana, Huddersfield
Apadana, Huddersfield
Offer: 2 For 1 meals
Offer available : Valid Sun to Thurs
About Us:

Apadana is the one and only Persian restaurant in Huddersfield and surrounding. Apadana has recreated the beauty and warmth of Iran in a friendly and enjoyable environment. Apadana is located in central Huddersfield, No 9 Railway Arches , Viaduct street opposite Tesco’s petrol station. Persian cuisine refers to the traditional and modern styles of cooking related to Iran. The Iranian culinary style is unique to Iran, though has historically both influenced and has been influenced by Iran’s neighbouring regions at various stages throughout its history. Persian recipes have improved over the centuries to bring out a unique taste out of the freshest and finest ingredients that are used in making Iranian food.

Address: Viaduct Street, , Huddersfield
City: Leeds
Telephone: 01484511118