1. What is Citycard?

Citycard is a Loyalty / Savings card that is either in the form of a plastic card or a mobile phone application which is presented to any participating business displaying our Citycard poster or which is listed on our website at www.citycard.co.uk.  A list of participating members can be found under business directory. The website will be updated at regular intervals and you should therefore continue to visit our site to find the new participating members.

2. How do use Citycard?

Simply present your Citycard or show your mobile phone application prior to paying for your transaction. However, some establishments such as Hotels, Restaurants and Hairdressers etc. may require advanced bookings. Others may require you to show your Citycard prior to having the bill drawn up. You should contact them directly to confirm their policy.

3. How do you get a Citycard?

We offer a free Citycard mobile phone application on this website.

4. How do you become a Citycard participating business member?

Simply contact us with your details.

5. What if the participating member refuses to honour the discount?

If you encounter any problems using your Citycard, or if any of our members listed refuses to honour the discount, you should in the first instant contact the person in the establishment who has been assigned to address any issues. In most cases, this will be the MD / Manager of the business. If you continue to have any problems you should send us an e-mail stating the details including the member concerned, date, time and any other information which will enable us to investigate the matter further. If our findings conclude an abuse of our terms & conditions by the participating member, then we reserve the right to remove them from our website with immediate effect and without any warning.

6. How much do residents pay for the Citycard?

Residents or Visitors are not charged for the Citycard mobile phone application.