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Flamingos Eatery
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Sharea comes from a background of arts, from being trained as a dancer and travelling the world to hitting the big screen as an actress in the British feature film Bullet Boy. Her background is from an Arab/Caribbean decent and her love of food stemmed from her Jamaican mother “Aunty D” who is a master in the kitchen. Living in Jamaica for 5 years and being apart of the Jamaican National Surf Team, gave Sharea an in depth experience of Caribbean food and culture. Being so exposed to the many flavours Jamaica had to offer, Sharea built up an understanding of Caribbean cuisine. Back home in the UK she has teamed up with her travel partner and fellow lover of Jamaican food and culture Duda, to create an environment friendly to all ages in a fun creative location, providing Caribbean food that’s easy and innovative.

1 Chippenham Mews
W9 2AN
020 7604 8928
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